Business Opportunities

Freedom for your life and soul

Achieving Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is the ability to live life to the without financial restrictions. Too many restrict themselves – and the opportunity to be truly happy – by focusing only on income. At SOLLIFE, provide you with the best platform to do so, devise a plan for it and see results. We will guide you and work with you to achieve you goals. The opportunity is right in front of you!


Hybrid Compensation Plan; earn Active & Passive Incomes, Travel Incentives & Bonuses


Your unique SOLLIFE E-Shop Website ready to launch within seconds of signing up


Unique combination of Network Marketing, Dropshipping & Affiliate Marketing


Point-of-Sales & Organization Management at the tip of your fingers

A Rewarding Business Plan

that rewards both the rapid-performers with active income & the network builders with an on-going passive income.

Retail Profit
Personal Network Bonus
Development Bonuses
Leadership Bonus
Unilevel Sales Bonus
Travel Incentives

Why partner with SOLLIFE?

At SOLLIFE, we offer a unique reward and commission structure for our distributors and business
partners which emphasizes on the long-term financial needs for our partners and continued
sustainability for the organization.


Power At Your Fingertips

At SOLLIFE, we believe in equipping our Business Partners with the best tools, training material, marketing support & software systems, so that you may build your business organization faster and easier.


Unique & Rewarding

We believe in rewarding those who work hard with us. SOLLIFE’s Business Plan is structured to address our Business Partners’ needs for long-term residual income,
as well as rewarding strong performance with rewarding Active Income.


Comprehensive Sales, Training and Recruitment System

As our esteemed partners, you will get access to our very own SOLLIFE System which offers all online end-to-end solution which will cover all our business needs from ordering products, to training resources, new partner recruitment to sales
performance management among some of the features of the system.

Wellness & Lifestyle

Dynamic Product Portfolio

SOLLIFE offers a unique and competitively priced products that ranging from health, beauty, and
personal wellness and lifestyle products and services. All our products are made with the finest
ingredients and go through a stringent manufacturing process prior to being marketed.

Solution Engineering Holdings Berhad

Strong Support & Stability

Sollife is backed by a reputable listed company with over 30 years of Engineering experience. Its solid reputation coupled with a mature business structure offers confidence and assurance of long-term stability.

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SOLUTION Group of Companies

One Green Solution Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of ACE market listed, Solution Engineering Holdings Berhad, is a Multi-Level E-commerce Company with its focus in the wellness and lifestyle industry.
The company markets its products under the brand SOLLIFE – Freedom for your life and soul.

Achieve your financial freedom with SOLLIFE

If you feel you can achieve your dreams by earning and having a consistent passive income, do not stop believing. You can only reach your goals if you never give up. It is easy to achieve your dream; SOLLIFE can give you a chance to earn more money and help you realize your goals at the same time.

What is your dream? Do you know that the right platform can help you achieve your dreams quicker? SOLLIFE has the right platform, and a capable management team to work it out with you. 

Start your SOLLIFE Business


It is vital for you to have the right platform to develop and scale your business. Have you ever thought of having your own business or flexible working time? SOLLIFE has all the resources you need to help you to start your own business with minimal capital. SOLLIFE’s multi-level e-commerce platform allows you to do exactly that.

"SOLLIFE will become Malaysia's disruptive new e-business model and innovative online platform, and I welcome you to join us in this Digital Revolution!"
Dato Mohd Nazlee Kamal, PhD.
Managing Director, Co-Founder