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SOLLIFE Wellness Philosophy

Taking Care Of your Health from the cellular level

Healthy cellular functions are the root of all health. Your body is made up of billions of cells, science tells us very clearly what nutrients your cells need to maintain optimal health. We also know from science what can impact the health of your cells, from chemical toxins to genetics. The objective in maintaining healthy cellular functions is to enable your cells (regardless of what their individual responsibility is) to function at their optimal level.

All the Research & Development work at SOLLIFE are based upon the following principles:

Dato Mohd Nazlee Kamal, PhD.

  • Deputy Group Managing Director and Board of Director, Solution Group Berhad.
  • Board of Director, National Institute of Biotechnology Malaysia
  • Chairman, Industrial Advisory Board, Faculty of Life Sciences, Monash University Malaysia
  • Chairman, Malaysian Bio-XCell Sdn Bhd (2011-16)
  • CEO, Malaysian Bioeconomy Development Corporation Sdn Bhd (Previously known as Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation Sdn. Bhd.) (2011-16)
  • Group Managing Director, Inno Bio Ventures Sdn Bhd (2005-11)
  • CEO, Inno Biologics Sdn Bhd (2003-11)


Approaches to Healthy Lifestyle

01  We believe in…

…the necessity to supplement our diet with bioactive compounds,  fibers, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, peptides and anti-oxidants to stay healthy.

02  With…

…cutting-edge science and an excellent Product Development team, we have formulated products that will be suited for our busy lifestyle.

03  We formulated…

…products that will help slow down the ageing process, loss some weight, improve physical fitness and maintain stamina throughout the day. 

04  In other words…

…a solution for your healthy lifestyle agenda!

Gym.Plus Drink

The Gym Plus Drink is an added booster for your sports performance as well as a reliever for muscle pain.

Fortified with Panax Ginseng extracts; Curcumin to reduce inflammation; L-Carnitine as fat transporter for energy production, thus enhance fat burning process; L-Arginine for boosting up stamina and improving circulation as well as Glucose for energy enhancement. Gym Plus Drink is a must for your sports activities!


  1. Provide instant energy and enhance strength and power.
  2. Enhance muscle recovery and reduce muscle soreness.
  3. Ensures electrolyte balance and prevent muscle cramp.
  4. Enhance fat burning process by turning fat into energy.
  5. Increase blood circulation and oxygen flow; deliver important nutrients to muscles.

Vigo Gold Drink

"Anti-aging from the cellular level"

1. Reverse signs of aging and chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease and vision loss.
2. Strong anti-oxidative properties, able to repair damaged DNA.
3. Promote growth of new cells and skin’s elasticity, help skin from looking  aged.
4. Boost memory by protecting brain cells.
5. Reduce stiffness of blood vessels and blood pressure.
6. Improve muscle function, help regain physical strength.

ActivSol Vigo Gold comprises essential active ingredients which help to slow down the aging process. Our body needs Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) for the cell to make energy, NAD levels fall as we age. The older we get, the lesser we produce.

Nicotinamide Riboside is an important component that will boost the declining level of NAD in our bodies, hence it is a super anti-aging agent that we all need. Coupled with Black Cumin & Grape Seed Extracts, ActivSol Vigo Gold is a health drink that has a good source of fiber, anti-oxidants and anti-aging properties
to help you stay active and young.


Stamina ● Strength ● Vitality

Inspired by natural herbal ingredients and proven scientific formulation with BioActive Compounds, this product by SOLLIFE is a product that improves your stamina, prostate health, testosterone level, blood circulation & your general health & wellbeing; introducing ActivMen.

Combining the best of Ginseng extracts, Tongkat Ali and Smilax Myosotiflora (Ubi Jaga), ActivMen is carefully formulated with proven scientific research to maximize its most beneficial essentials.


1.       Increase testosterone levels and improve male fertility.            

2.       Enhance physical performance by reducing fatigue, and improving endurance.

3.       Improve brain functions such as focus and alertness.           

4.       Strengthen body’s immune functions.

5.       Helps improve prostate problems.


Energetic ● Graceful ● Alluring

ActivWomen by SOLLIFE, is formulated based on proven scientific studies on concentrated botanical active ingredients & BioActive Compounds, to promote women’s general wellbeing, health maintenance and energy.

Regain your confidence with ActivWomen, a choice that every woman cannot miss!



Slimming ● Body Sculpting ● Detox

ActivTrim by SOLLIFE is scientifically formulated with a combination of Natural Ingredients & BioActive Compounds that can effectively help to break down excessive fats in our body, increase metabolic levels as well as help in detoxing the body.

Get rid of stubborn fats today with ActivTrim!



Get Charged, Feel the Energy

ChargePlus aims to promote energy, alertness and help improve the general well-being of consumers. It contains Guarana extract, known for its property to promote alertness with its active ingredient guaranine, a caffeine-like molecule, but without the bad side effects of caffeine. It also contains Cordycep Sinensis that is known to promote better general wellbeing especially energy metabolism. In addition, honey provides several antioxidants, such as phenolic acids and flavanoids.



Immunity Booster

ActivDefense is a unique combination of three different compounds that will work in tandem to improve our body defense system and function. Our natural vitamin C derived from Acerola Cherry extracts is well-known for its extremely rich vitamin C content. Unlike any other vitamin C in the market, ActivDefense contains cordyceps sinesis that provides many health benefits, long used in traditional Chinese medicine. It also contains zinc which further improves the human immune system.



  1. Boost immunity and strengthen defense system, by helping white blood cells function more effectively.
  2. Prevents common cold, coughs and respiratory disorders.
  3. Reduce allergies by reduce inflammation and blood histamines.
  4. Enhance collagen production to heal wounds and maintain healthy skin, gums, bones, and blood vessels.
  5. Maintain healthy skin and prevent wrinkling.
  6. Prevent iron deficiency or anemia, especially common among women and pregnant mothers, by enhancing iron absorption.
  7. Reduce stress hormone (cortisol) levels, help stress tolerance, and fight sleep deprivation.
  8. Improve cardiovascular health by protecting against heart disease and hypertension, or high blood pressure.



Potent omega-3 and antioxidant to enhance overall health

Omega-3, DHA and EPA in fish oil are essential in maintaining heart, brain, and eye health. It is one of the most commonly consumed supplements that provides many health benefits, including protection against a number of diseases.

Astaxanthin is one of the most powerful antioxidants found in nature. It is a reddish pigment that occurs naturally in certain algae, salmon, trout, lobster, shrimp, and other seafood. In fact, it is the greatest of all of carotenoids as it’s the only one to easily cross the blood-brain barrier and other bio-membranes which make it more easily absorbed and transported to all tissues and organs in the body. The high antioxidant of astaxanthin is said to have many health benefits. It’s been linked to healthier skin, endurance, heart health, joint pain, and may even have a future in cancer prevention.

SOLLIFE AstaOmega utilize Australia’s CSIRO’s MicroMax technology under exclusive license to microencapsulate nutritional oils. The patent mircoencapsulation technology provides protection against oxidation and superior stability. It is also hypoallergenic, which meets regulatory guidelines around the world.

Benefits of AstaOmega:

  1. Strong anti-inflammatory properties
  2. Potent antioxidant properties
  3. Improve cardiovascular system
  4. Improve brain development and performance
  5. Support eye health and vision
  6. Improve bone strength and joint health
  7. Improve liver health


Power in motion

SOLutron fully synthetic engine oil is formulated with the latest lubricant technology and premium additives are used in to ensure high performance and trustworthy protection. These lubricants are suitable for small to high output engines to counter potential damages caused by modern city driving such as those associated with everyday stop-start traffic. City driving can easily cause premature damages to engines due to accelerated oxidation, sludge and varnish to the engine components. These lubricants give uncompromised protection to help power delivery and prolong engine life.

SOLutron fully synthetic oils contain high quality additive system to prevent premature shear-out associated with high performing modern engines. It is made with high shear-stable and engine-cleaning additives thus making it suitable for a wide range of gasoline and diesel engines. Operators of mixed fleet will be able to use these passenger cars motor oils (PCMO) for their whole range of vehicles for better inventory and cost control.

SOLultron Lubricant Range

  1. SAE 5W-30 API SN/CF (Fully Synthetic Oils)
  2. SAE 5W-40 API SN/CF (Fully Synthetic Oils)
  3. SAE 10W-40 API SN/CF (Semi Synthetic Oils)
  4. SAE 5W-30 API SN/CF (Semi Synthetic Oils)


  • Formulation based on USA Technology
  • Optimum engine protection and performance
  • 100 % confirmed virgin oil (not recycle oil)
  • Superior protection to modern engines under demanding environments.
  • Delivers smoother driving to performance gasoline, diesel, and gas engines.
  • Protection against sludge and varnish build-up in the daily stop-start driving condition.
  • Advanced protection for turbo-chargers, multivalve systems and catalytic converters.
  • Formulated with premium quality Viscosity Index Improver (VII) delivering protection from high shearing modern engines thus ensuring high performance and long term protection. 
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